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About Organic.Edunet

Organic.Edunet (www.organic-edunet.eu) is a learning portal which provides access to thousands of quality digital learning resources on organic agriculture, agroecology and other green topics, such as ecology, sustainability, biodiversity, environment and energy. It aims to facilitate access, usage and exploitation of such educational content. Learning resources available through the Organic.Edunet Web portal are appropriate for school and university level, as well as for vocational training and adult/lifelong learning thus targeting pupils, students, teachers, researchers, and general learners.

The Organic.Edunet portal focuses on multilinguality in order to facilitate its usage by users all over the world. It features a user interface currently available in nine (9) languages and offers automatic metadata translation tools supporting eleven (11) languages. The resources available through the portal are available in eleven (11) languages (mainly English but also Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish), while the metadata for each resource are manually translated in up to eight (8) languages and additional translations can be automatically provided by the portal’s components.

For any information please contact us at: info [at] organic-edunet [dot] eu.


The Organic.Edunet Web portal was initially developed in the context of \\\"Organic.Edunet: A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awareness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology\\\" targeted project of the eContentplus programme. (http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/econtentplus/index_en.htm#)

The portal has been further developed and populated in the context of several other initiatives, including the following:

\\\"agINFRA: a data infrastructure to support agricultural scientific communities\\\", co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme (www.aginfra.eu)

\\\"Organic.Lingua: Demonstrating the potential of a multilingual Web portal for sustainable agricultural and environmental education\\\", co-funded by the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme (www.organic-lingua.eu)

\\\"Organic.Balkanet: Developing the skills of Organic Agriculture Trainers for the Balkans\\\" co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme (www.organic-balkanet.eu).

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1. Terms

This disclaimer contains the general conditions governing the use and access to Organic.Lingua Platform (the "Platform") and liabilities arising out of their use, in compliance with European standards of personal data protection: Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Data Protection Directive); Directive 2000/31/EC on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market (Directive on electronic commerce); and Directive 2002/22/EC on universal service and usersí rights relating to electronic communications networks and services, Directive 2002/58/EC concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector.

The access and / or use of the Platform gives the condition of ìuserî.

It is understood that mere access to or use of the platform by the user implies acceptance thereof to all Terms of the Organic.Lingua Project has published at that time on the web. The general conditions of use apply independently of those other obligations and specific conditions to which the user voluntarily submit to this Platform.

Consequently, the user must carefully read the Conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy Organic.Lingua Platform.

2. Organic.Lingua Information Platform

2.1. Project and Platform Organic.Lingua

In compliance with the duty of information contained in the legislation on data protection and treatment of current data, then reflects the significant data of this website.

Organic.Lingua Platform has been designed by the partners of the Consortium of the Research Project Demonstrating the potential of multilingual Web Portal for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education. (Organic.Lingua), specially by a group of researches from the University of Alcal·.

The research project Organic.Lingua is an European project funded under the Seventh Framework Information Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme of the European Union [Theme [CIP-ICTPSP.2010.6.2] Multilingual Online Services. Grant agreement 270999].

The Consortium is composed of eleven members from different European states. These members include the University of Alcal· as controller for the design and operation of this Platform.

Organic.Lingua Platform is a social platform that integrates open access institutional repositories in the field of organic agriculture, and employs the AGROVOC thesaurus in combination with other more specific search methods. It is hosted on the site http://organic-edunet.eu

2.2. Target

Organic.Lingua is aiming to enhance an existing Web portal (http://www.organic-edunet.eu) with educational content on Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE), introducing automated multi-lingual services that will further support the uptake of the portal from its targeted audiences, facilitate the multilingual features of the portal, and further extend its geographical and linguistic coverage.

The Organic.Edunet Web portal bridges together a network of learning repositories with content on OA & AE, providing its users with a significant volume of relevant learning resources. It adopts a federated, standards-based approach that allows the incremental growth of the network.

The Organic.Lingua project aims to capitalise on the European and international demand for the Organic.Edunet portal by transforming it into a truly multilingual service. It will achieve this by re-engineering the architecture and enhancing the services of the existing Organic.Edunet portal, in order to fill the abovementioned gaps in multilingual support and cross-language resource organization and search.

It particularly aims at analyzing and re-engineering the service infrastructure and related facilities and business models in order to support multilingual access and use more widely and effectively. Since such linguistic limitations of Organic.Edunet are common to most current multilingual Web portals, an important outcome of the Organic.Lingua project is expected to be a set of guidelines, good practice methods and software tools that can be adopted in other portal cases.

Overall, Organic.Lingua aims to make the Organic.Edunet Web portal a service that will support agricultural researchers and educators around Europe, as well as explore new business opportunities for the specific service but also for the developers/providers of language technologies.

3. Privacy and Personal Data Processing

3.1. Personal data: users and their profiles

Identifying and personal data provided as part of this Platform, as well as the images used, are confidential and will be treated by those responsible for the Platform in accordance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data. At the same time, users expressly authorize the platform to send information regarding developments in the field of services provided by it. In the event that did not wish to receive such information simply notify via e-mail at any time (info@organic-lingua.eu).

The Platform expressly indicate mandatory or not to provide certain personal data. The data marked as mandatory are required to provide optimal service to the user. For this reason, should not be provided, the platform makers can not guarantee the efficiency of the service.

Whatever the country where the user resides, or from which it supplies the information, authorizes with the consent of those responsible for the platform to use such information in any State in which it operates the platform, even though such information is used in the United States.

The Privacy Policy of this platform affects both personal data provided by users to develop its profile as the other personal data to access any of the services offered and available on the same.

Data entered in the form by the user must be true, accurate, complete and current. Platform Managers will carry out the necessary safety measures to verify the user's identity.

In the event that the person entering the data is different from the one to be declared as a user, are deemed to have express consent to do so and it gives permission to the treatment described above. The user is solely responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect which might arise to any person due to the high platform with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

3.2. The exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data

The holder of personal data may exercise rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation on how much data stored on there own Organic.Lingua Platform.

These rights may be exercised through any medium, provided the record of it, against those responsible for the Platform, enclosing a photocopy of ID card, passport or similar document by which to identify the owner of the data. For representation of the user, it must be accompanied by the forms permitted by law.

Thus, the user can unsubscribe Platform permanently if requested. Simply notify via e-mail at any time ( info@organic-lingua.eu).

The Platform will retain personal data of users while they keep active their account on their own or as necessary in accordance with the provisions of law.

3.3. The processing of personal data of minors

This Platform is aimed at an audience interested in the subject matter of Organic.Lingua Research Project, namely education about organic agriculture.

In this sense, the services offered by the platform are aimed to over 14 years. The access under 14 is restricted. However, if a minor, but over 14 years, pretend to register with the service, you can only do so with parental consent.

If a user becomes aware that a child has accessed or is using the platform it shall immediately notify to info@organic-lingua.eu. If the child has provided personal data, he shall be canceled and deleted.

3.4. Privacy levels

3.5. Cookies

Cookies are files sent to the browser by a web server in order to record user activities during its navigation.

The lender, on your own or a third party contracted to provide services, may use cookies when users surf the Platform.

In this sense, the cookies used by the Platform are only associated with an anonymous user and computer, and not themselves provide user's personal data; and its use, in any case, has temporarily for the sole purpose of making more efficient onward transmission.

You can set your browser to notify you of the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on your computer.

In any case, the user is informed that to use the Platform is not necessary for the user to permit the installation of cookies sent by the website or third parties acting on its behalf, notwithstanding that it is necessary for the user to start login as such in each of the services the provision of which requires prior registration or ìloginî.

3.6. IP Addresses

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it is connected to the Internet.

Platform servers can automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the user.

3.7. Activity file

All this information (IP addresses, cookies, browser type, operating system, source website, websites visited, location, service provider system mobile, search terms ....) is recorded in a file server activity, which allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to obtain measurements only statistics which show the number of page impressions, the number of visits to the web servers, the order of visits, the access point, etc ... In this way, the Platform is to provide a personalized and enhanced services to its users.

3.8. Security

This Platform uses techniques of information security generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography mechanisms, all with the aim of preventing unauthorized access to data.

To maintain the said security, you agree that the service provider obtains personal data for the purposes of authentication access controls.

Also the responsible for the Platform will adopt in accordance with the data protection legislation in force, those security measures to avoid loss, alteration, misuse or unauthorized access of information supplied by users.

However, the user is solely responsible for the safe custody of the password used to access the services offered by the Platform. As a security measure we recommend users to use an alphanumeric password combined with symbols that make difficult their deduction.

4. Duration and Modification of Privacy Policy Platform

Organic.Lingua Platform reserves the right to change its privacy policy and data protection, unilaterally and without notice, due to changes in legislation, case law or academic purposes. Such changes may have a partially or totally. If there is any change, the new text will be published on the website of the platform, where users can access the current policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In each case, the relationship with users will be governed by the rules laid down in the precise moment when you access the web.

The validity of the conditions of this privacy policy coincides, therefore, with time of exposure, so far as it is modified in whole or in part by the heads of the Platform.

Your continued access or use the services offered by the platform after applying the changes means that you consent to the new terms of use, and therefore is subject to the new Privacy Policy.

The Platform may terminate, suspend or discontinue its operation unilaterally, without any possibility of seeking compensation from the user.


1. Service Access

Users can access the site for free.

Users agree to make appropriate use of content and services that the platform provides, being solely responsible for the use made of the services offered.

By accessing you agree that the resposables or controllers of the Plataform will not be respect any consequences or damages resulting from such access or use of the information is accessed, or access to other materials on the Internet through connections with this website.

Platform reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its website and / or services offered without notice, on its own or a third party, for those users who violate these Terms of Service. The Platform pursue a breach of these Terms and any misuse of your web page, exercising all civil and criminal actions that can by law.

You can only use the services offered by the platform if done in compliance with these Terms of Use, and any applicable regulations, whether local, regional, national or international.

2. Using the service

2.1. Conditions of Use: collection and use of information. Need for consent.

The use of the services offered by this Platform involves implicit user consent to the collection and use of your personal information. Just as consent for treatment that might arise from the voluntary disclosure of information that could be deduced from your profile and was related to racial or ethnic origin, health or religious or political beliefs, that is, with their sensitive data or specially protected.

As part of the service offered, given the nature of this platform, means consented to the transfer of your personal data or transferring them to the United States or other countries, either for storage, processing or use Platform by Organic.Lingua.

Furthermore, the user agrees and accepts the possibility of advertising related to the services offered by the platform.

Except where required by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, the Platform does not provide to third parties information or personal data that allow the users' personal identification.

To facilitate the use of the information between users, the platform provides search services.

In these cases the Platform will use the information provided by users.

Users may at any time revise the information provided above and make the changes that may be appropriate for publication in your account and profile.

2.2. Events and notifications

As part of the provision of the services offered by the platform, you may have to report certain information to the user as an integral part of the services and account. You may not opt out of receiving such information. Notifications will aim to improve the service offered by the platform.

The user can hang on your profile information on any event or activity you want to promote or advertise whenever a purpose and research staff.

Thus, a user may invite to participate in the services offered by the platform to other subjects, as well as proposing to participate in events and registered users.

Out of these cases, the user may opt out of receiving other communications or notifications by sending an email to the following address Organic.Lingua@gmail.com.

2.3. Uses forbidden

The services provided by the Platform are provided solely for the user's personal use and not being allowed uses economic or business without prior consent of those responsible for this Platform.

Also, few other purposes is prohibited conflict with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

3. Responsibility and Obligations

3.1. Responsibility for the content

The content provided by the Platform is general, with a purpose and informational purposes only.

The content posted by users respond exclusively the users. The user is solely responsible for the use made of the services offered by the platform, and any content you may provide and for any consequences arising from them, including use by other users of the platform.

Here, the user is responsible for the content that you submit, or expose to play through the services offered by the platform. With its publication, you grant the Platform a worldwide, non-exclusive, free, on the use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribution of that content through any means or method Distribution present and / or future.

Those responsible for the platform are exempted from any liability for any decision taken by the user of the website. In this sense, it informs users that the content played through the platform will not be monitored or controlled by their leaders. And, therefore, the present Platform no guarantee that the contents of the information carried through the services offered is complete, accurate, precise and reliable.

Platform makers reject responsibility for any information not prepared by the responsible for it or not published in an authorized manner, as the liability that may arise from the misuse of the contents. Similarly, in relation to the content, the Platform reserves the right to update, delete, limit or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently.

3.2. Responsibility for links to other websites (links)

Links included in the website with the Platform for informational purposes only and, therefore, responsible for the Platform do not control or verify any information, content, products or services provided by these websites. Consequently, those responsible for the Platform disclaim any responsibility for any aspect, especially the content on linked pages.

These links to other pages, as well as to the products or services offered by them does not imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by the Platform or Organic.Lingua Research Project.

In this sense, the Platform is not responsible for the Privacy and data protection they can continue those pages whose link may consist, for information or exemplary in their website.

3.3. Liability in the event that this page is the link target added another page

As regards the links established by other pages towards the website Organic.Lingua Platform must adhere to the following stipulations:

  • You must request permission before carrying out links and shall state expressly granted.
  • You can only lead to the homepage.
  • The link must be absolute and complete, for example, it must take the user to the direction of the platform and must include the full extent of the home page screen. In any case, unless authorized in writing by the Platform, the page you make the link reproduce in any way the website, include it as part of your website or in one of their ìframesî or create a ìbrowserî on any of the web pages.
  • Do not give any erroneous or incorrect about the platform.
  • If you want to record a hallmark of the platform, such as trademarks, logos and names, they must have the written permission of their makers.
  • The owner of the page that the link must act in good faith and do not pretend to adversely affect the reputation or good name of the Platform or Organic.Lingua Research Project.
  • It is prohibited, unless authorized by those responsible for the Platform, enlist the text elements of the brand or logo, the domain name of the Platform as a keyword (ìmetatagsî or ìmetanamesî) for search on websites through search engines.

This platform does not assume any responsibility for any aspect of the website that provides the link to it.

3.4. Responsibility for technical aspects

The responsibles for the Platform do not guarantee the continued functioning and operability or availability of the website through no fault of their responsibility.

The responsibles for the Platform are not responsible for any direct or indirect, including damage to computer systems and introduction of virus in the network, derived from Internet navigation required to use this website. Therefore, in no case shall be indemnified for any problems due to system malfunction.

3.5. Liability for interactions with other users

The Platform acts as a mere intermediary in the services it provides, so it is not responsible for the actions and interactions of its users.

Users are solely responsible for the information published on the third platform. In this sense, users undertake not to misuse the services offered by the Platform using it to send spam, insult, harass, or otherwise violate the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy Platform.

3.6. Obligation users

The user liable for damages Platform makers may suffer as a result of the breach, meanwhile, of any of the obligations set forth in this legal notice.

The Platform user is obliged to make good use and reasonable use of the services offered.

You may not use the services offered by the platform to transmit any kind of unlawful, threatening, defamatory or any other material deemed offensive.

Regarding navigation, the user agrees to diligently and faithfully the recommendations that once set the platform relative to the use of the site. For this purpose the platform makers will target users through any means of communication through the website.

4. Privacy

The questions regarding the Privacy Policy, shall be considered as expressly stated in this legal notice.

The conditions of use of this platform are based on the Privacy Policy described and strict respect for the privacy of its users.

5. Unsubscribe from the service

As reflected in the Privacy Policy of this platform, users can unsubscribe from it permanently if requested. However, the user may stop using the services offered by the Organic.Lingua Platform without express notice, although in these cases the accounts will remain active until, over time, be disabled by prolonged inactivity of the same.

Also responsible for the Platform may proceed to terminate any user who violates consider the conditions set out in this legal notice.

6. Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial

This entire website (excluding content distributed by users): description and characteristics, text, images, marks, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of their content is protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property. The Organic.Lingua Platform owns the intellectual property rights and industrial its website, as well as the elements contained therein.

In any case access by third parties to the site involves some kind of waiver, transfer or sale of all or part of the rights granted by national and international legislation on intellectual property.

The Platform, as owner of the services offered, grants its users a limited, revocable, non-sublicensable license to use the services strictly personal. Except for this license is prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, modification, and, in general, any act of exploitation of the software necessary for the visualization or the functioning of the service, which does not have the express permission those responsible for the same.

The user undertakes to use the content diligently, correctly and lawfully and, in particular, agree to not remove, ignore or manipulate the ìcopyrightî and other data identifying the rights of the Platform or its owners included content as well as technical protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be included in the contents.

In the event that a user considers that there has been a violation of their copyright on any of the content posted, must inform the Platform proving that fact by the most appropriate means.

In this sense, the Platform controller reserve the right to remove or delete the reference to the content that allegedly infringe intellectual property rights without notice, in its sole discretion and without any compensation on their behalf.

The domain used by this platform can not be used unless express prior authorization in connection with other services than the Organic.Lingua Research Project in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among users or discredit to the said project.

Any user posting, uploading or otherwise making available any User Generated Content onOrganic.Lingua website, will still own the User Generated Content (assuming they have the rights to own it) but the user is giving us the right to use his User Generated Content.

That means that if the user sends in, posts, uploads, makes available, or discloses to us in any way any User Generated Content, the user grant us, our affiliates and related entities, the right to use it any way we want in any medium without getting his permission or having to pay you for it.

In legal terms, by providing us with any User Generated Content, the user grant us and our affiliates and related entities, a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and fully sub-licensable license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, modify, adapt, translate, archive, store, and create derivative works from such User Generated Content, in any form, format, or medium, of any kind now known or later developed. The user waives any moral rights he might have with respect to any User Generated Content he provide to us. The user also grants us the right to use any material, information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in any communication you provide or otherwise submit to us for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, commercial purposes, and developing, manufacturing and marketing commercial products using such information. All rights in this paragraph are granted without the need for additional compensation of any sort to you.

The user acknowledges that we and/or our designees may or may not pre-screen User Generated Content, and have the right (but not the obligation), in our sole discretion, to move, remove, block, edit, or refuse any User Generated Content for any reason, including without limitation that such User Generated Content violates these Terms of Use or is otherwise objectionable.

We try to create an environment in which users are posting and discussing content that you will find useful, interesting and appropriate; however we cannot and do not monitor or manage all User Generated Content. Thus, we do not promise the accuracy, integrity, or quality of the User Generated Content and do not endorse it in any manner. In other words, enjoy what other members post or share, but do it at your own risk.

Also, all User Generated Content provided on the Websites is the sole responsibility of the user who provided it. This means that the user is entirely responsible for all User Generated Content that he provides.

All metadata contributed by the registered users of the Organic Edunet portal (i.e. the so-called User Generated Content) should be freely available to share and adapt. More specifically, all metadata generated by the users of the Organic Edunet portal can be re-used by other users in order to enrich them with additional information, correct them, or translate them in other languages. Additionally, matedata contributed by the users of the portal can be used as corpora to train translation models. For that reason, all metadata contributed by the users of the Organic Edunet portal should be available under the Creative Commons license: CC BY SA.

7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Privacy Policy Organic.Lingua Platform and their conditions of use are governed by European legislation on data protection, continue to apply the Directive 95/46/EC on the Protection of Personal Data. And, specifically, the provisions of Article 4, which provides the relevant national legislation.

According to the article " 1. Each Member State shall apply the national provisions it adopts pursuant to this Directive to the processing of personal data where: (a) the processing is carried out in the context of the activities of an establishment of the controller on the territory of the Member State; when the same controller is established on the territory of several Member States, he must take the necessary measures to ensure that each of these establishments complies with the obligations laid down by the national law applicable; (b) the controller is not established on the Member State's territory, but in a place where its national law applies by virtue of international public law; (c) the controller is not established on Community territory and, for purposes of processing personal data makes use of equipment, automated or otherwise, situated on the territory of the said Member State, unless such equipment is used only for purposes of transit through the territory of the Community î.

The services offered by this Platform are part of the objectives of the European Research Project Organic.Lingua, being the principal responsible for its design the Spanish member of the Consortium, that is, the group of researchers from the University of Alcal·. But offered services and applications can be accessed from outside Spain, to be used by any person or entity in any country or jurisdiction in which its use would be contrary to local laws or regulations in force at all times.

So, determine current regulations Governing laws and jurisdiction to be aware of the relations between the platform makers and users of the services provided by it.

The use of the services and / or platform applications by users within a particular country will be under their responsibility. Here, the user is solely responsible for compliance with the laws of the countries from which you access those services and / or applications.

Nevertheless, in cases where such regulations do not provide the obligation for the parties to submit to a special Court, and in case of disputes between the user and the Platform, the parties expressly covenant and agree submit to the national Courts of Organic.Lingua Project Partners where the problem had ocurred.

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